Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce Red Baby Onesie

Sriracha Hot Sauce Baby Onesie Costume

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  • Sriracha Baby Onesie
  • Adorable Gift for New Parents
  • Because why not?

    You have a child. The child is small. Small enough, even, to fit into this baby sized sriracha onesie. You buy this for the child. The put the child into the onsie. The child is happy. You take photos of the child. You put the photos on Facebook. You get 1126 likes.

    We can’t promise that this sequence of events will turn out quite like that, but we don’t see why they wouldn’t. This red baby onsie is adorable, and when your child is old enough to enjoy sriracha hot sauce, they’ll thank you for the adorable photos you took. Unless of course they don’t end up liking spicy foods. But let’s not even imagine that possibility for now. Think good thoughts. Think good thoughts.

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