10 Hot Sriracha Valentine’s Day Gifts

10 Hot Sriracha Valentine's Day Gifts

Valentine’s Day is one of the most important days of the year for couples. It’s a day you get to celebrate your love and show your creativity through a thoughtful gift. Though, sometimes it’s easy to get stumped. Chocolate, flowers, and jewelry are common Valentine’s Day gifts, but often the cliche will not be appreciated as much as a thoughtful gift selected especially for your love. If your partner is a hot sauce fan who’s absolutely addicted to rooster sauce, they will love one (or many!) of these Sriracha Valentine’s Day gifts.

Whether you’re married or newly dating, creative gifts are always well received and remembered for years to come. We scoured all the options and found fun and unique gifts that will delight any Sriracha fanatic. These gifts are great for guys or gals and will add some extra heat to your Valentine’s Day celebration. Check out the gift ideas below.

10 Spicy Sriracha Valentine’s Day Gifts

1. Hot Salted Sriracha Milk Chocolate Bar

A box of fine chocolates is one of the most common gifts exchanged on Valentine’s Day. And we totally love chocolates! But we love them even more with some extra spice. These milk chocolate bars feature the kick of Sriracha hot sauce with an infusion of Himalayan pink salt. These spicy bars will be a welcome replacement for the heart-shaped box of chocolate you get at the grocery store.

2. Sriracha Hot Sauce Bacon Jerky

Looking for an edible Sriracha treat that’s a little more masculine? The guy in your life will love this! Jurassic Jerky makes a premium uncured bacon jerky with the kick of sriracha sauce. This low-calorie snack is high in protein, all-natural, with no preservatives, and made in the USA. Combine this with a few other Sriracha themed gifts and it will be a Valentine’s day your guy will never forget!

If your loved one doesn’t like bacon, Jack Links makes a Sriracha flavored Beef Jerky.

3. Sriracha Hot Sauce Boxer Briefs

If you want to get your guy something a little sexy, this is a great Sriracha Valentine’s Day gift. These bold boxer briefs are bright red with the classic Sriracha rooster logo on one leg and the statement “I like it hot!” on the other. This is not only a “saucey” gift idea, it may help you get lucky after your dinner date!

4. The Sriracha Cookbook

The Sriracha Cookbook
If your loved one is a cook who’s also addicted to Sriracha hot sauce, then this is the perfect gift for them. This cookbook focuses on Sriracha flavored recipes that will take you beyond just drizzling the hot sauce on everything you eat. The 50 recipes include Honey Sriracha Glazed Buffalo Wings, Bacon-Sriracha Cornbread, and even a Peach-Sriracha Sorbet. Add some sriracha sea salt to your gift and your loved one will love you forever.

If your special someone is vegetarian or vegan, they will love The Veggie Lover’s Sriracha Cookbook.

5. You’re Hotter Than Sriracha Card

You're Hotter Than Sriracha Valentine's Day Card
Don’t forget, since Valentine’s Day is a holiday about love, your gift should come with a card so you can put into words exactly how you feel about your partner. If you’re looking for a Sriracha themed card to give, there are plenty of options. This is one of our favorites. It’s playful and fun while incorporating one of your loved one’s favorite things: Sriracha! This card features a cartoon Sriracha bottle and says “You’re hotter than Sriracha!” That’s sure to mean a lot to any rooster sauce addict.

6. Chocolate Sriracha Marshmallow Candy

Chocolate Sriracha Marshmallow Candy
If your loved one is a foodie who enjoys artisanal foods and isn’t impressed by mainstream brand names, they will enjoy this. This absolutely unique treat is made by Blue Ribbon Confection in Wisconsin. These marshmallow candies are made by combining chocolate with Sriracha hot sauce to make a delightfully unusual and flavorful treat. It’s sweet and spicy and recommended only for true Sriracha fans. They recommend using these marshmallows to make s’mores with dark chocolate. Comes with 18 marshmallows. This is a unique and fun treat. A great option when shopping for Sriracha Valentine’s day gifts.

7. I Heart Sriracha Necklace

I Heart Sriracha Necklace
If you want to buy her jewelry for Valentine’s Day, this necklace is more unique (and affordable) than diamonds or silver. This romantic and quirky necklace is more than just a heart–the heart is actually a Sriracha bottle, complete with the classic green cap and the famous rooster logo. If you’re in search of a creative gift, this is a great option for any hot sauce loving lady.

8. Weak Knees Gochujang Sriracha

Weak Knees Gochujang Sriracha
You can’t just give a hot sauce fan a typical bottle of rooster sauce, especially not on such a special day as V-day. One of the best sriracha Valentine’s day gifts you can give is a specialty sauce that you can’t find in your regular grocery store. Weak Knees is more than just a sriracha sauce. This hand bottled hot sauce combines fermented gochujang chili paste with the classic sauce to create a savory twist. Customers say it’s less spicy than other options, but the flavor is absolutely delicious and addictive.

Hand this to your hot sauce obsessed lover and tell them, “Now you have something that will make you feel the same way I do every time I see you.” If that doesn’t make your partner go weak in the knees, you may want to reconsider the relationship.

9. Sriracha Apron

If you’re beloved loves to cook, they’ll really appreciate this fun gift. This bold apron comes in the classic sriracha colors, perfectly designed with a pocket on the front to keep cooking utensils or even an essential bottle of hot sauce handy. The pock says “Keep it Spicy” and the printed sriracha bottle peaking out let’s everyone know which hot sauce is the chef’s priority. Include the Sriracha cookbook listed above or some tasty sriracha foods to create the ultimate Valentine’s Day gift basket.

10. Sriracha Hot Soup Bowl Gift Set

Valentine’s Day usually comes with cold weather, so a bowl of hot and spicy soup is a great way to warm up your loved one. This Sriracha gift set comes with an oversized 6″ soup mug/bowel, a ceramic spoon, a pair of chopsticks, two packages of ramen noodles, and a 9 oz bottle of Sriracha.

Still stumped in your search for Sriracha Valentine’s Day Gifts? Check out sriracha apparel, spicy sriracha flavored foods, and other cool sriracha gift ideas.

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