Cool Sriracha Gifts and Unique Items

A sriracha obsession goes beyond putting the hot sauce on all your favorite foods. A true obsession means sriracha infiltrates every part of your life. That’s where all this awesome sriracha swag comes in. They make great gifts for hot sauce lovers and are the perfect accessories for foodies.

Cock Sauce Shake Well Sriracha Tote Bag

Cock Sauce Shake Well Sriracha Tote Bag

Be cheeky and easily carry all your stuff with this funny tote bag. Featuring a bold, minimalist design, this bag has the classic sriracha rooster along with the double entendre: Cock Sauce, Shake Well.

Fun and naughty gift for hot sauce fans and sriracha addicts. Great for carrying books to class or taking your own secret supply of sriracha hot sauce to a restaurant.

I Heart Sriracha Necklace

A fun and unique way to wear your love of hot sauce, this necklace is a cute interpretation of the classic Sriracha bottle. The heart-shaped pendant features the classic green cap and the white rooster logo Sriracha fans know and love. The charm is iron with hard enamel and nickel-plated for longevity. This pendant necklace comes on a 30″ ball chain.

7/8″ Tall Pendant. Nickel Plated, Die Struck Iron with Hard Enamel Fill. This necklace makes a great Valentine’s Day gift or even a fun present for yourself.

Sriracha Bottle 8GB USB Flash Drive

This is a Sriracha item that’s actually pretty useful. What looks like a tiny Sriracha hot sauce bottle is actually an 8GB USB flash drive. This is perfect for storing music, photos, school work, or backing up your favorite Sriracha fan art. The bottom comes off and reveals the USB drive which fits any standard computer.

Because this item is so useful, it’s highly recommended to give as a stocking stuffer or office Christmas gift for that person you don’t know so well, but see squirting Sriracha hot sauce on their lunch every day.

Sriracha Red and Green Mug

Want to add a little spice to your morning routine? Check out this fun and festive Sriracha Mug. It comes in red and green and features the Sriracha rooster logo on both sides. In a large 20 oz. size, you can load up on coffee or tea while you sport the brand of your favorite hot sauce.

20 oz. Ceramic Mug. Microwave and Dishwasher Safe.

Sriracha Hot Sauce Nail Decals

This is a cute way to show your love for Sriracha hot sauce on your fingertips. This set of nail decals comes with 20 little cartoon Sriracha bottles, ready to apply to your fingernails. Easy to use, they come with instructions for how to apply the Rub-Onz Transferz. 20 Nail Decals.

Sriracha: The Game

Take Sriracha beyond the kitchen with this fun tabletop game. In this quickplay card game, 2 to 4 players slap down matching cards to collect them. The cards feature fun food-themed illustrations like sushi, ramen, and of course sriracha bottles.

“Needs More Sriracha Car Magnet

Bring your love of Sriracha to your car or fridge. This sleek magnet features the Huy Fong rooster and says “Needs more Sriracha!” Makes a great stocking stuffer for hot sauce lovers.

Sriracha Lip Balm

Ever thought you needed sriracha flavored lip balm? Okay, neither did we, but we just might need a stick of this, now that we know it exists. It’s not nearly as spicy as actual sriracha hot sauce, but it smells about the same. Some reviewers say that it makes their lips slightly hot, which shouldn’t be a surprise we guess!

Sriracha2Go Travel Size Keychain

Sriracha2Go is a very clever travel size container for sriracha on a bottle that fits on a keychain. It has similar branding to the Huy Fong rooster, only this tiny bottle is a dragon, and you can take it with you anywhere. Don’t worry: the seal on this sriracha keychain is secure, so you can throw it in your backpack or suitcase and not worry about it opening.

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