Sriracha Themed Posters, Art & Decor

How many of these sriracha hot sauce themed posters and other items do you have in your home? None? And you call yourself a true sriracha fan! For shame.

Andy Warhol Style Sriracha Print

Andy Warhol Style Sriracha Print

If you love modern pop art or the work of Andy Warhol, you’ve got to get this colorful print. In the style of many of Warhol’s most famous paintings, this print features four sriracha bottles in a variety of bright colors.

Available as a digital download that you can print in any size, this poster is great to hang on a dorm room wall or frame to display in your home.

Hot Sauce Bottles Art Print

For the hot sauce fanatic that appreciates a variety of sauces, this cool art print is the perfect art piece to hang in a kitchen or dining room. Includes six different hot sauce bottles. Print is available in 10 different size options.

Que Sera Sriracha Print

This is a cute and funny print sriracha fans should have in their home. It says “Que Sera Sriracha” a play on the phrase “Que Sera Sera.” This phrase translates to “Whatever will be sriracha.” Just like how sriracha is going to end up on every meal! Available as a 8.5″ x 11″ print.

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