Sriracha Poems and Odes to Sriracha Hot Sauce

“Spicy” in Chinese. Yes, we know sriracha is Vietnamese/Thai but whatever. This looked cooler.
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It all starts with a look
A bottle on a shelf
You hear a crow
As if the bottle calls

You hear faint music
A heavenly chorus
You put sriracha on your food
Now there is a song

The symbols clash
Heat in your mouth
Chile, sugar, vinegar, salt and what else
All in balance

Did I just recieve enlightment
What is this that blessed my mouth
Makes all else dissapear
All sauce lives in roosters shadow

I know nothing else
I want nothing else
There is nothing else
Only sriracha

It truly is heavens creation
The rest cannot compare
Now there is only sriracha on my self
And nothing else


By Jimmy Londo

If your food is boring or tired
Then perhaps some spice you require
So banish the bland
Sriracha in your hand
And now your mouth is on fire

Sriracha so good
Sriracha so hot
Sriracha so red
I like it a lot

Oh Srir,
Your flavor is large
The sauce
That’s the boss
And truly in charge
I love you so well
I love you so true
Food is always better
When I’ve made it wetter
With you