Sriracha Flavored Jack Link’s Beef Jerky

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  • 3.25 oz of lean beef
  • 80 calories
  • 1 satisfied customer (you, duh)

    We’re having trouble writing a product description for these Sriracha flavored Jack’s Links beef jerky, primarily because we seem to have drooled all over our keyboard. This is gross. But you know what isn’t gross? SRIRACHA FLAVORED BEEF JERKY. THAT’S WHAT, BUDDY. This is pretty much exactly what you’d expect it to be and my goodness is it tasty. You can save some serious money by just ordering a ordering a four pack however, we can tell you that right now. It’s like buying two bags of sriracha beef jerky while they’re on sale and then getting two more for free.

    Beef jerky not your thing? You may be interested in GoBacon Sriracha Bacon jerky. See also the surprisingly well reviewed vegan jerky if you prefer a meatless option.

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