Sriracha Hot Sauce Costumes

Sriracha Hot Sauce Halloween CostumeIf you’re a sriracha lover you may be interested in dressing up as your favorite hot sauce for Halloween or a costume party. There are tons of options available for awesome and even sexy hot sauce costumes. No matter the age, there are even costume options for kids and babies. The whole family can dress as Sriracha rooster sauce for Halloween this year.

Whether you want to buy a premade costume or assemble your own, we’ve got you covered so you can have an awesome Sriracha bottle costume. Check out all the options below, for all ages.

Adult Women’s Sriracha Sauce Costume

Women's Sriracha Dress Bottle Costume
Women's Sriracha Bottle Costume

If you’re looking for an officially licensed and a sexy Sriracha costume, check out this Sriracha Dress from Rasta Imposta. It comes with a green bottle cap hat, so all you’ll need is a killer pair of shoes to complete the outfit. This costume is officially licensed by Sriracha.

If you’re looking for a less sexy women’s Sriracha sauce costume, check out this unisex costume. It comes with a Sriracha bottle bodysuit and a matching foam bottle cap. The shape is the same as a real bottle of Sriracha hot sauce, so this is a nice costume choice.

Adult Men’s Sriracha Halloween Costume

Men's Sriracha Bottle Hot Sauce CostumeFor a super easy, ready-made costume, Rasta Imposta sells a Men’s Sriracha Bottle in a one-piece tunic. It has a green bottle cap and a red bottle-shaped tunic with the famous rooster logo on it. It’s shaped exactly like a hot sauce bottle and is the most realistic looking costume available. Plus it’s officially licensed.

If you don’t like the one piece tunic costume, check out this unisex costume. It comes with a Sriracha bottle bodysuit and a matching foam bottle cap.

Teen’s Sriracha Hot Sauce Costume

Unfortunately, there isn’t a full-body sriracha costume available for teens and juniors right now, but there is an option available. This juniors costume. It comes with a Sriracha logo t-shirt and a green bottle cap hat.

This costume can be work with a regular pair of jeans or a red pair of tights or jeans.

Child’s Sriracha Costume

Kid’s size 7 to 10 can wear this cool tunic-style costume that turns them into a sriracha bottle. It features the classic Huy Fong rooster label and a built in green cap on the head. Officially licensed, this easy to wear costume can be worn to a school Halloween party or Trick or Treating.

Sriracha Hot Sauce Toddler T-ShirtThere’s no all-in-one Sriracha costume available for smaller kids yet, but you can easily put one together with a few components, as outlined in the next section. Once you get a Sriracha t-shirt, everything else can be put together with clothing you can easily buy on Amazon or in a local store.

Check it out below.

Sriracha Baby Costume

If you’re searching for an easy newborn costume for your baby, they’d make an adorable travel size bottle of sriracha hot sauce.

While you can assemble your own baby costume (see below) or buy this ready made one from BuzzBearStudio on Etsy. It comes with onesie available in three sizes (6 months, 12 months, and 18 months) and a 100% cotton knot hat

Make Your Own Sriracha Bottle Costume

If you don’t want to buy a premade Sriracha hot sauce costume, you can make your own costume out of a few key components. This will usually save you money. You’ll also be able to reuse the different components in other outfits for day to day use. Check out what you’ll need to get:

Sriracha Costume Hat

For a complete head-to-toe Sriracha costume, you’ll need a green hat to represent Sriracha’s signature green cap. Here you have a little room to get creative with the style of hat you buy. Here are a few options to choose from:

Sriracha Shirt

Sriracha Logo T-ShirtThere are a bunch of Sriracha bottle label shirts to choose from in different sizes and styles that can be the main focal point of your hot sauce costume.

You can also take care of the shirt and hat in one with this Sriracha Hoodie that has a bottle cap hood.

Check out more Sriracha T-shirts and Apparel.

Sriracha Pants

There are a couple of good options for this part of your costume.

If you want to go more casual, you can just wear a normal pair of jeans. If you want to go all out, buy a pair of red pants to great a head-to-toe bottle look.

Sriracha Socks and Shoes

To finish off your costume, you need to dress your feet.

For socks, you can choose Sriracha branded crew socks or just get plain red socks (available for men and women).

For shoes, you can buy some fun red kicks like Toms or Converse sneakers, or you can go for green or white shoes to add a little variety to your outfit.

That’s it! That’s all you need for an amazing and original Sriracha costume that will have everyone talking.

Toddler Sriracha Costume

Baby Sriracha Costume

Sriracha Hot Sauce Baby Onesie CostumeA Sriracha costume is a cheap and fun choice for a baby Halloween costume. You just need to buy a few pieces to make a complete outfit

Looking for more baby related Sriracha accessories? Check out this Sriracha sippy cup and this Sriracha branded baby bib.