10 Unexpected Foods to Spice up with Sriracha (Recipes)

If you’re a sriracha addict like me, I’m sure you’ve already dived into the variety of delicious sriracha snacks and maybe you’ve even experimented with the weirdest sriracha foods. And I know you’re already familiar with classic sriracha pairings like ramen and pho. But sriracha goes on everything! So if you’re searching for new culinary adventures with your favorite hot sauce, here are ten unexpected but tasty foods to pair with sriracha hot sauce.

Before you whip up these tasty morsels, makes sure to make your own sriracha sauce so you feel like a true foodie.

1. Watermelon Salad with Sriracha Vinaigrette

Watermelon Salad with Sriracha Vinaigrette Recipe

Watermelon salad is a classic Middle Eastern sidedish that many people enjoy during the summer. This recipe gives it a spicy twist. The watermelon, feta, peanuts, and arugula have a tasting pairing with the homemade vinaigrette that features sriracha to add a kick. Serve it on the side so that people can control the heat level of their salad.

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2. Sriracha Bacon Wrapped Onion Rings

Oh boy, my mouth is watering just looking at this tasty snack. Onion rings, bacon, AND sriracha? Mmmm. These onion rings are wrapped in bacon, then glazed with a honey-sriracha sauce that is the perfect combination of heat and sweet. To finish, make the honey sriracha dipping sauce to up the flavor. This snack is perfect for parties and game day! Yum.

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3. Chocolate Sriracha Ice Cream

Sweet, spicy, and vegan! If you’re an adventurous cook, you’ll love this recipe. With a base of coconut milk, this ice pack huge flavor thanks to chocolate and sriracha hot sauce. This is an exciting dessert for hot summer days and it’s sure to impress at the next neighborhood BBQ.

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4. Sriracha Citrus Cocktail

If you fancy yourself a mixologist, you have to give this tasty cocktail and shake. Sriracha is the perfect compliment to this rum cocktail with the sweetness of tangerine and orange juice. Thanks to the spicy kick, this cocktail is great for all seasons.

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5. Jalapeno Corn Waffles and Sriracha Maple Syrup

Now you can enjoy your favorite hot sauce at breakfast, along with the extra spicy kick of jalapenos. This is a recipe that wows at brunch, the handmade corn waffles feature jalapeno and cheddar, which pairs wonderfully with the sriracha sauce in the maple syrup. Savory and sweet, perfect for Sunday morning.

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6. Sriracha Peach Crisp

If you love complex flavors in your dessert, this Sriracha peach crisp is perfect. This affordable recipe is easy to make when the peaches are ripe. The filling includes sriracha hot sauce to create a delicious sweet and spicy treat. Just bake and enjoy on its own or with ice cream.

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7. Spicy Banana Fritters

Yum, yum. I love bananas and the kick of sriracha creates a fantastic treat. Another easy dessert, the banana slices are brushed with sriracha chili sauce before being coated and deep fried. The result is delectable bite-sized pieces. We ate the whole batch in one sitting!

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8. Sriracha Fudge Popsicles

One of the best parts of summer is enjoying frozen treats. Fudgcicles are a favorite from my childhood, but sriracha takes it to a whole new level. With real chocolate and sriracha hot sauce, this cool treat is a little hot. The flavor blend is oh so good.

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9. The Cocky Rooster

If you enjoy beer cocktails, adding sriracha is a natural next step. The Cock Rooster is named after the famous Huy Fong sriracha rooster. Adding lime, sriracha, and jalapenos to your beer creates a spicy and vibrant drink perfect any time of day.

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10. Whiskey-Sriracha Candy

Sriracha candy is a tasty treat–sweet and spicy is a classic flavor blend. Now you can make your own spicy candy at home. The traditional candy gets a fun twist with whiskey and sriracha sauce, creating a hard candy adults will love.

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