15 Sriracha Hot Sauce Stocking Stuffers Under $15

15 Fun & Spicy Sriracha Hot Sauce Stocking Stuffers Under $15

Shopping for Christmas gifts can be tricky, especially if you’re looking for something affordable and stocking stuffer sized that also original and fun. If you’re shopping for a friend or family member that loves hot sauce and puts sriracha on everything they eat, you’re in luck! We’ve rounded up 15 cheap, affordable, and creative Sriracha hot sauce stocking stuffers.

These gifts are all under $15, meaning you could afford to buy a couple to create a Sriracha gift basket. Or if you’re just looking for a stocking stuffer, white elephant gift, or something to get your boss that will make them smile, any of these gifts are perfect. Just wrapping up a bottle of sriracha won’t cut it, so grab one of these clever little gifts and rock the office gift exchange.

Sriracha Hot Sauce Stocking Stuffers

1. The Jam Stand Peachy Sriracha Jam

We personally love the combination of sweet and spicy. This jam packs the delicious sweetness of peaches with the spice of sriracha hot sauce. This is a tasty and unique treat that’s hard to find in grocery stores and will delight any hot sauce lover.

This jam is a great addition to breakfast foods like toast, pancakes, or waffles. You could also add a little sweet heat to breakfast burritos or omelets. It also features reduced sugar,

2. Sriracha Hot Sauce Pom Beanie

Sriracha Hot Sauce Pom Beanie
There’s no better way to keep your head warm during the winter than with this spicy Sriracha Pom Beanie. This is a great gift for Christmas if you live in a cold climate. It let’s your hot sauce loving friend make a bold statement as bold as the flavor of Sriracha. One size and officially licensed.

3. Cock Sauce Sriracha Zipper Pouch

 Cock Sauce Sriracha Zipper Pouch Stocking Stuffer

This gift is spicy and definitely naughty. A play on the famous rooster seen on Huy Fong sriracha sauce, “Cock Sauce” refers to that delicious red hot sauce that tastes good on everything. It’s printed on this gorgeous zipper pouch that is available in three sizes, perfect to use as a coin purse, make-up bag, or pencil bag. The small size is perfect for a stocking stuffer.

4. Sriracha Flavored Chapstick

Sriracha Spicy Lip Balm
This is kind of a weird gift that most sriracha hot sauce lovers will enjoy. This sriracha lip balm smells like sriracha sauce, while providing your lips with moisturizers and SPF 15. Reviews are mixed on whether or not it’s as spicy as the sauce, some say it left a tingling or burning sensation on their lips while others said it was fine. Still at the price, it makes a great gag gift or White Elephant gift.

5. Sriracha Water Bottle

Sriracha Water Bottle
Your loved one will catch weird looks from strangers when they take a gulp from this sriracha water bottle. While they can fill it with sauce, it is recomended for water and other less-spicy beverages. If you’re looking for Sriracha hot sauce stocking stuffers that are fun and useful, this is a great choice.

6. Gustus Vitae Sriracha Sea Salt

Gustus Vitae Sriracha Sea Salt
This is a great gift idea for any chefs in your life. This gourmet sriracha sea salt is made with all natural ingredients and California sea salts. It adds the tang and heat of sriracha to any dishes where you’d normally add salt. Great to liven up vegetables or add extra flavor to stir fries. The price is great and the size is compact to fit in any stocking or gift bag.

7. Andy Warhol Style Sriracha Print

Andy Warhol Style Sriracha Print
If your loved one enjoys the pop art of Andy Warhol, they will go gaga over this Warhol inspired print. Made by Alix Ihilani, this art print features four vibrant multi-colored sriracha bottles. It’s reminiscent of his Marilyn prints and makes a great poster to hang on the wall or display in a kitchen.

Comes just as a print, perfect to roll up and tuck in their stocking. You can also frame it and present it as a wrapped gift.

8. Honey Sriracha Bacon Lollipops

Honey Sriracha Bacon Lollipops
There’s a lot of delicious words in the name of this item–my mouth is already watering. This is something you cannot find in stores but every Sriracha lover should get to try at some point in their life.

Handmade by a family business in South Carolina with generations-old recipes, these organic and all natural lollipops combine the sweetness of honey with the spicy heat of Sriracha and the irresistible flavor of bacon. It’s like an orgasm in your mouth. One order comes with 12 of these individually wrapped suckers.

9. Sriracha Bottle Funky Chunky Magnet

Sriracha Bottle Funky Chunky Magnet
This is a fun and compact gift most people will enjoy. This funky chunky magnet is made of wood and features a laser die cut image of a Sriracha host sauce bottle. It’s great for displaying on the fridge, an office filing cabinet, or in a teen’s locker. It’s so affordable you could add another awesome sriracha gift with it.

10. Sriracha Recipes Playing Cards

Sriracha Recipes Playing Cards
This is like two gifts in one! This is the rare gift that combines the interests of cooks, poker players, AND Sriracha fanatics. This full deck of poker sized playing cards features 52 different Sriracha recipes. This may be the ultimate gift if you’re looking for hot sauce stocking stuffers for Sriracha lovers.

11. Sriracha Shot Glasses

This is a cute and fun gift to add to any loved one’s home bar. This set of shot glasses is designed to look like a sriracha bottle with the classic rooster logo and a green interior. Add in a bottle of their favorite liquor and the gift receiver will REALLY appreciate this gift.

You could also add this Sriracha pint glass to outfit a whole bar of Sriracha themed items.

12. Hot Salted Sriracha Chocolate Bar

Sweet and spicy come together oh so nicely in this candy bar. With 55% dark chocolate and Himalayan Pink Salt, the sriracha hot sauce infusion adds a nice heat to the sweetness. Make sure to order an extra one to try for yourself!

13. Sriracha Hot Sauce Nail Decals

Sriracha Hot Sauce Nail Decals
This is a great gift for ladies who love to decorate their nails. These Sriracha nail decals are Rub-Onz Transferz that are super easy to apply to your nails and come with complete instructions. The set comes with 20 transfers. They’re so affordable you can easily toss a bottle or two of nail polish into their stocking as well.

14. Sriracha Red and Green Logo Mug

Sriracha Red and Green Logo Mug
This is the perfect gift for people who add a dash of sriracha to their coffee in the morning (I’m not the only who does that, right?). This large, 20 oz. ceramic mug makes a fantastic gift for any sriracha lover who enjoys a hot beverage to start their day.

If you’re getting this gift for a co-worker, add a little of their favorite coffee or tea to make a gift they’ll love you for. If you want hot sauce stocking stuffers, tuck some Sriracha flavored candy canes in with the mug.

15. Sriracha Socks

Socks are a go-to gift of many parents. But these socks are much cooler. These red crew socks feature the Sriracha rooster on them. With the green on the top of the cuff, they look just like a bottle of Sriracha on your feet. Advertised for men, these socks are great for any adult.

Didn’t get enough hot sauce stocking stuffers? Still stumped on a sriracha gift idea? Check out sriracha apparel and t-shirts, sriracha flavored foods and treats, sriracha art and decor, and other fun and creative sriracha gifts. You can even just buy some sriracha hot sauce.