Make Your Own Sriracha Gift Set or Basket

Gift shopping can be stressful, but if the person you’re shopping for loves Sriracha hot sauce, then your job just got a lot easier. While you could easily give them a bottle of hot sauce and call it a day, with minimal effort you can put together a sriracha gift set or basket that will amaze the gift receiver. While you can buy hot sauce gift sets online and at many stores, this sriracha gift basket is even better because you can include a variety of spicy sriracha gifts that suit the giftee’s tastes.

We break down everything you need to do (and buy) to make this unforgettable hot sauce gift set.

The Gift Basket

Your Sriracha gift set needs to come in something. If you want to make it a gift basket, you can easily use any old basket. Or you can really hit the theme and use a red and green basket that perfectly matches the traditional Sriracha bottle colors.

If you can’t find a basket like that, a single color red or green basket will work just as well. You can add ribbons or bows of the contrasting color to create a nice Sriracha theme.

If you’d rather put together a gift box, you can choose a plain cardboard box and then wrap it with a red and green wrapping paper, or use red wrapping paper with green ribbons. There’s plenty of ways to get creative with the color scheme.

If your intended Sriracha gift set is small, this Sriracha Tin Lunch Box is perfect to double as a gift and a gift box.

Make sure whatever container you pick is big enough for all the cool Sriracha gifts you want to include.

Spicy Sriracha Treats

This is a given! Your basket needs to have some tasty treats, something different than the normal bottle of hot sauce that they’d expect. This is where you can really customize the basket to the giftee’s tastes.

Do they like spicy and sweet flavors? Include a dark chocolate Sriracha bar, strawberry Sriracha jam, or the super tastey honey Sriracha bacon lollipops.

Do they like salty snacks? Then they’ll love to chow down on Sriracha flavored popcorn, Sriracha bacon jerky, or Sriracha flavored green peas.

Are they adventurous eaters who like weird foods? Include some Sriracha chocolate marshmallows or Sriracha crickets.

If this is a Christmas gift, don’t forget to include Sriracha flavored candy canes.

Include as many tasty Sriracha treats as you want. Check out more Sriracha flavored foods if you need more ideas.

Sriracha Wearables

With so many cool Sriracha clothes and accessories available, you can’t get away with making a Sriracha gift set and not including some.

Of course, there are tons of Sriracha t-shirts available, but we highly recommend the traditional traditional Sriracha hot sauce bottle label t-shirt if the giftee doesn’t already have one.

If you want a smaller gift or are more interested in Sriracha accessories, consider Sriracha socks, winter hat, leggings or even boxer briefs.

Check out more Sriracha apparel.

Fun and Goofy Sriracha Gifts

Another essential ingredient to your Sriracha gift basket is some fun Sriracha branded gift. Sriracha hot sauce has gotten so popular that there are tons of gifts bearing the famous rooster logo and the red and green colors. There’s tons of options and this is another way to really personalize this gift for your love one.

There are practical gifts like a Sriracha hot sauce bottle flash drive, a a red and green Sriracha mug, or a Sriracha water bottle.

If you want a fun or goofy gift, consider Sriracha lip balm, Sriracha playing cards, or an Andy Warhol style Sriracha art print.

Check out more Sriracha gifts if you need more ideas.

Still need ideas for your Sriracha gift set? Search Amazon or Etsy for more unique and tastey Sriracha gifts.