How to get a free Sriracha factory tour in Irwindale, California


The Huy Fong company, best known for its sriracha hot sauce, is now offering free tours of its sriracha factory in Irwindale California. During the tour you get to see a behind the scenes look at how your favorite spicy sauce is made, plus get free goodies like sriracha coupons, and even a free sriracha t-shirt! You might even get to sample some pretty tasty sounding sriracha flavored food like sriracha ice cream or sriracha chocolate.

How to get a free tour of the sriracha factory

Tours run three times daily from Monday to Friday at the Huy Fong sriracha plant in Irwindale, California. You’ll need to call their tour department beforehand to make reservations (it can be quite popular!). The phone number to call is: (626) 286-8328. Tours run at: 11AM, 1PM, and 2:30PM each weekday.

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